Terms and Conditions

1. Service Agreement

The service agreement is basically a mutual contract between Laungstack Solutions and you. Through this agreement, clients can utilize our services after reading all these terms and conditions of the company. Laungstack Solutions can change or modify this user agreement at any instant. Users can easily understand each statement with regular research on our company website. Clients are requested to read the privacy policy of Laungstack Solutions which helps to know our commitment without any issue. At Laungstack Solutions, we always update our official website so that users can get full access to our service.

2. Ownership

The website of Laungstack Solutions is fully copyrighted ownership of the company. Without any prior information and written permission from the company, no one has the right to get any content or materials. Our business logos, useful services, products all these are copyrighted items. At any instance, users can not use them or copy without the written consent of Laungstack Solutions.

3. Conditions for Usage

The service agreement of Laungstack Solutions is limited to those users who have already registered themselves. It is same for all the users and provides strict guidelines to everyone without any discrimination. We are not liable for any kind of third-party access to this service agreement.

4. Agreement Notice

During any changes in the user agreement, Laungstack Solutions provide your legal notice. For any issue or privacy policy, we confirm you securely through emails which are attached with your business account. These types of legal notices will update to your account within a very short time without any delay. After sending notices, it will remain valid for only three days. In these three business days, the mail remains active for the business account of the user.

5. Fees for Service Users

Laungstack Solutions treats all users as members of the business team. After enrolling the name in the service agreement membership, the proper fees plan of the user will update automatically as per the selection of the client. Service charges will be received at the time of starting the plan. Users can easily unsubscribe the plan if it is not useful for them. To offer maximum support to all the clients, we have already allocated efficient agents. Through this, you can get ultimate access with a specific subscription. In this case, users will not get any refunds for the sudden request or unused hours of subscription. Laungstack Solutions may change the fees according to certain plans. These changes will be updated for the next month of the billing period.

6. Warranty Exclusion

Any service holder, third party business providers and Laungstack Solutions are not liable to make warranty. The company is not responsible to warrant reliability, completeness and currency of any information or data contained in the official website of the company. Each data, email or essential content of the website of Laungstack Solutions is completely free from harmful components and viruses.

7. Standard Authorization and client Eligibility

At Laungstack Solutions, we have measured the proper authorization for being a client of our company. To get useful services from our company, a user must be an adult that means he or she must be 18 years at least. At the time of signing our company website, you are required to give proper identification of yours. Users need to continue through several steps so that we can recognize your ownership by verifying the email address of the client. After verifying financial instruments, personal information of the users, they can easily get our services.

8. Disputes

If any sudden dispute arises between Laungstack Solutions and you, please feel free to contact us without any hesitation. Our professional team is always ready to maintain all your disputes as fast as possible. Our main goal is to provide you with a better facility by addressing all the areas of your concern. If the dispute becomes too difficult and our expert team is unable to solve that, in this case, we will offer you a very cost-effective way to modify it. As a customer of our company, you can report to our customer service department through online procedures to get ultimate results regarding any fault or dispute of service from Laungstack Solutions.

9. Termination

Laungstack Solutions may terminate the service agreement at any instant. If we notice to misuse our data and information from our website or any third-party access, at that time, the agreement within the conditions and terms within the client may be terminated. If we find someone fails to adjust with our conditions, we instantly will terminate the account of the service holder.

10. Account Closing Option

Users can close their account by logging simply in the Laungstack Solutions portal at any instant. You can follow our instructions on the company website if you want to cancel your business membership or mutual contract with us. This process can be executed through email or phone call. Clients also can contact our business representative for any kind of help related to the account closing.

11. Restriction of Liability

Laungstack Solutions takes no responsibility for any kind of fracture and damages of the computer of users. We are not liable if harmful viruses attack on the computer equipment at the time of browsing or accessing any data. We will not allow any fund for the sudden loss for downloading video, text, data, audio, materials from the website of the company. Users cannot claim for any damages especially consequential as well as incidental damages.

12. Binding Arbitration

In the present scenario, several controversies, dispute or claiming activity is increasing gradually. These situations will indeed grow further. For solving the controversy binding arbitration helps all the clients. The arbitration of our company replaces the client's right to agree with us by following the guidelines of the court.

13. Modification of Agreement

Laungstack Solutions has the right to modify the conditions and terms of the service agreement. Your accessibility on these agreements remains valid till the exact subscription plan.

14. Right of Assignment

In any condition, you have no right to assign, delegate as well as a subcontract. It's our responsibility to guide you with better facilities and services.

15. Right for accessing Information

Laungstack Solutions continues the communication process through social media platforms. We share all essential information with you via phone calls, CRM and Skype.

16. Severability

All these conditions and terms of Laungstack Solutions will be severable. Any type of provision against it will be taken as invalid or inappropriate. By following certain rules and regulations these agreements of the business have been granted successfully.

17. Privacy and Security of Client’s Data

We are fully committed and dedicated to protecting customers data and information. Our main focus is to keep each detail of the user privacy. Any personal information of a client will not be spread from our end. If the customer compromise with his or her data, Laungstack Solutions will not be responsible for that. At any instance, no employee or staff who are directly connected to our business organization is liable in this case.

18. Governing laws and Regulation

The service agreement of Laungstack Solutions and all its business performance will be strictly governed by following the regulation and law of India and the West Bengal state. In this government law, there is no conflict within our business regulation.

19. Waiver

At Laungstack Solutions, we are liable for any minor to major issue related to the service of our business. In case of sudden failure, you always try to assure you with better service.

20. Fees of Attorney

For enforcing this service agreement, if Laungstack Solutions takes legal action, the company itself will be liable to recover the services from the user. In this case, you are required to agree with our conditions and you need to pay the reasonable cost including the arbitration cost..

21. Indemnification

As a client of Laungstack Solutions, you need to indemnify, hold and defend our company without any hesitation. All the employees, staff, officers, managers are harmless regarding any demand or claim. You can surely trust us for getting the ultimate service from the company.

22. Entire Service Agreement

The service agreement of Laungstack Solutions is valid for all clients. There is no practice to hurt the basic human right. With a prior understanding between the customers and the company, this agreement is made. Through this agreement, you may make a suitable decision for receiving services from us.