Privacy Policy

Laungstack Solutions is fully committed to all the customers for delivering better performance in strict privacy protection. The company has the right to change the policy after a certain period. With the regular update from the website, users can get full information. As a potential client of Laungstack Solutions, you are requested to check our business page and we ensure you that you will be happy by seeing the changes in our website.

General Data Protection Regulation Compliance
The information which we collect from users
  • User's name and the title of the job
  • Email address and contact information of clients
  • PIN, interest and preferencem
  • Demographic information and other useful information of a user
What Laungstack Solutions do with the user information

To understand each customer in a better way with their basic needs so that we can serve you perfectly. We gather all this information for some particular reasons which are detailed as follows:

  • For internal information and record-keeping
  • For improving our services and products by using this information
  • Laungstack Solutions send information about newly launched products, interesting services
  • For market research, we use the client's information to get connected with them
  • For ensuring your information safe and private, we use managerial, electronic and physical procedures
Safety and security of user information

Security is the main thing which is expected by every client. Laungstack Solutions is always there to protect all your information and data. To give full protection against unauthorized disclosure or access, we keep all information of clients secure and safe which is collected through online.

Linking with other business websites

The official websites of Laungstack Solutions may link to several business websites. In that case, you can surely use these links after leaving our website. But we will not be responsible for the further protection of safety and security of your personal information. You can check our privacy policy statement to know more details about this matter. All these business websites are free from this privacy policy. These are not governed by this policy statement. So, you need to be careful before using those websites. At Laungstack Solutions, we provide fully authorized service and, in many instances, we are less bothered about the privacy of other business websites. We have no right to sell, lease or distribute your private information to any third-party business holder. Our service team is very obedient to follow government laws and regulations. We may send you personal and promotional information regarding third parties so that you find it very interesting as per your choice.

Procedures for using Cookies

Cookies allow all the web applications to inform you individually. A cookie is nothing but a very small file which can be placed on the computer of a user to analyze the web traffic very smoothly. We use the most authentic traffic log cookies which helps to identify the pages. To improve our official websites, we use cookies for analyzing the data as per the need of all users. Cookies will help us to serve you with a satisfactory service through a better business website. There is a suitable option to choose us by sharing every detail. It is up to you; you can decline or accept cookies according to your wish. No mandatory pressure or strict guideline is there for you. Some websites have no suitable option to decline or accept cookies. It automatically accepts without informing you. In that case, users can easily modify the setting of the website browser to decline that cookie as per the preferences of the user. It will prevent you from safety issues.

Basic rights of all clients
  • Clients have the right to access
  • They have the right to erase information
  • You have the right to restrict data processing
  • Users have the right to verify and object
  • Clients can withdraw their consent at any time
  • They have the right to rectify
  • Users can lodge an appropriate complaint with the help of a supervisory authority
  • As we do not deal with any physical product so we don't have any Shipping and Return Policy