Administrative Assistance


On a note to hire Administrative support you can make a choice by picking us as your partner. Problem-solving has been injected in our toolbox since we started keeping the responsibility of admins for some bonafide company and we keep this challenge on the basis of tools like

  • Setting activities and ideas of a Virtual team to act in
  • Project Management techniques and tools
  • Endure quietly and bravely
  • Promote interest among the team to keep the work updated.

Laungstack is turning around the way assistants and executives work together. By providing tools and technology tailored to the executive work style, Laungstack is maximizing the impact of support professionals everywhere. Let us help connect you with our expert team and what we offer.

Email Management

Emails are a professional way to get in touch with potential customers. They may also contain lucrative offers to reel in business for your organization. Our marketers ensure that these methods are accomplished with effective results to show. We have innate knowledge about the formalities and styles involved in the different emails to different clients keeping the necessity of composition, scheduling, and sending of marketing emails to existing as well as future prospects.

Transcription Services

Using a transcription service to make your podcast transcription is much easier at Laungstack. Making a podcast transcript is much like any other transcript which takes time, practice, and the right tools to do it correctly. A podcast transcript also gives you more opportunities to connect with a larger audience as a text file can be consumed anywhere and make each episode more accessible. Audio transcription is also our offering to our clients.

Research, Documentation, and Presentation

A business needs Financial Services as well as documents sorted to stay within its budget, prepare budget proposals, and file tax returns. These documents include receipt payroll reports, paid bills, bank statements, balance sheets, and tax reporting forms. Analytical Research with documentation basically helps in composting Presentations to deal with in conferences and meetings and one can hire us to get this service in terms of technical help.

Technical Troubleshooting

Technical troubleshooting is the biggest thing to overcome to run by a business. Most Startups and business individuals face problems regarding some technical issues especially hosting and domain troubleshooting to maximize the hindrances. Online submission, listing business on digital platforms each and everything will be guided, so before diving into this take our support for seamless activity.

Calendar Management

Without a routine, you’re rushing around and wasting time deciding on what to do next. That’s why we came up with a list to make calendar management for administrative assistants a breeze. Our tools and strategies supplement your innate skills, save your time and stress, and make creating your schedule by blocking out times.

PDF conversion, splitting and mergin

PDF splitting allows one to separate select pages from your PDF into individual files. It can remove specific pages with confidential or malware content, or extract pages into new documents in an organized way. Your PDF meets the proper size limit as demanded by breaking down large documents into smaller pieces to facilitate electronic distribution. Our handy tool even allows you to automatically split individual pages of your document as well as merging down pages and documents as required.

Dropbox and Google Drive organization

Dropbox and Google Drive allow you to create folders on one’s device. Each file that goes in that folder will immediately be uploaded to the company's servers, giving you a backup in case anything happens to your machine, and let you share your files with other people. This is why we use these tools to ensure the security of documents and provide the storage organization in sync.

Event Planning and Management

As an Event Planner and Manager, we handle various tasks related to that event like Planning transportation, conducting research, creating event designs, arranging any necessary accommodations for attendees, coordinating and supervising event activities, food arrangements, decor, entertainment, music, and DJ, Contact us for Corporate events, Office Activity Day events, Birthday and Marriage events, Annul functions of organizations and Institutes and many more.

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